Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Have you or someone you know suffered Childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse ?

Traumas and adversities in childhood may leave scars that last into adulthood and put a person at risk for a variety of difficulties, including increased stress, relationship problems, sexual problems, anxiety, depression, flashbacks and phobias. All of these can result in a lack of confidence and the inability to fulfil your potential. Sexual abuse can damage a person's ability to build close relationships and leave a feeling of being "different" or "mad". Self-blame can result in self-sabotage, addictions, eating disorders, self-hatred. Much of this is unseen and sometimes people have never talked about it to anyone about their suffering at the hands of family members or strangers. Hidden within the Psyche.

For many people, it may be important to come to terms with past traumatic events. Being told to "pull your socks up. It happened a long time ago" only makes the symptoms worse. Survivors of abuse can gain relief from their internal struggles using Hypnosis and Inner Child Therapy. You no longer have to suffer alone.

I pride myself in providing a safe, empathic environment in which to work through these issues at whatever pace suits you. This cannot be rushed and is confidential at all times.

Research has now shown the workings of the brain and nervous system during traumatic incidents. Many survivors are suffering symptoms similar to PTSD. This can take it's toll on your mind and body. Talking about your experiences can be the start to making strides towards healing the effects of physical, emotional or sexual abuse in childhood. Inner Child Therapy can resolve the conflict these experiences can cause.

Here are some symptoms you maybe suffering:

-Dissociation, or feeling detached, confused.

-Troubles with trusting other people, either too much or too little.

-Difficulties establishing boundaries in relationships.

-Flashbacks, nightmares, sleeplessness.

-Feeling the need to self-medicate, with drugs, alcohol, compulsions.

-Low self esteem, isolation, loneliness. Fear of intimacy with partners.

-Sexual dysfunction, or a lack of interest/pleasure in sex, or promiscuity.

-Panic attacks, fears, worry, maybe a fear of medical proceedures.

-Constant grief because of the loss of innocence, childhood, normal relationships as a child, and trust.

-Physical Effects may include unexplained back pain, Asthma, breathing difficulties.

-Eating disorders.

There are many more after-effects of childhood sexual abuse that adults may experience. If you are having difficulties and think they may be related to childhood abuse talking to a Therapist can be helpful.

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